With a doula, intervention rates go down & a woman's satisfaction with her birth increases.

Virtual Birth Care


- 2 virtual visits during pregnancy, topics include: understanding birth, preparing for a smooth labor

- Accessibility during ALL of labor via text, voice or video call

- 1 virtual visit postpartum

A doula in your pocket

Essential Birth Care


- 2 hours of birth preparation visits, topics include: understanding birth, preparing for a smooth labor

- Birth education emails
- FULL labor & birth support
- 1 postpartum visit
- Birth memory letter
- Homemade loaf of bread

Tools for an empowering birth

Complete Mother Care


- 3 hours of individual childbirth preparation, topics include: understanding birth, preparing for a smoother labor, self care during pregnancy & postpartum
- Hands or feet reflexology massage

- Birth education email series
- FULL labor & birth support
- 4.5 hours of postpartum care: cleaning, tend kids, etc.
- Gift birth memory letter
- Healthy snack at each postpartum visit

Nurture the mother 


Childbirth Classes

In your individual childbirth class, we focus on how you and your husband can work together for a great birth experience. It's a crash course of how he can help you reach your birth goals.  


Doula Partnership!

I partner with Sara Pixton @ Summit Birth Utah. We provide continuous quality care for your birth. You meet with both of us during pregnancy visits, should labor go longer than 12 hours, we rotate so you have the best care. Learn more about how our partnership works here.

We want every family to have a supported birth and offer discounts for low-income families. Check out the Grant Application