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Short story: Families are really important to me.

Longer story: When I was 8 years old, I wrote in my journal, “When I grow up, I want to be a midwife and a horse trainer.” Along my path of self discovery, I learned some things. I feel very strongly that in order to have a strong society, we must have strong families. And so often at the core of a strong family, is a resilient mother. It is imperative that we take care of our mothers! She who gives and gives and gives, must also be nourished and nurtured and upheld. I want mothers to have a great experience mothering from the very beginning. So I doula. I take care of the mother even while her child is still an intimate part of her. I go with her through the valley of shadows until she reaches her summit. It is sacred to be part of that journey, and I want to honor it. It is work, physical and emotional, but I love it. The more I have learned about birth, the more I am amazed at how the body works! The more I am seen of the strength of a mother’s soul (every time), the more I have confidence in the future.

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  • marycaplin

Birth is transformative.

It changes you, you’ll never be the same again. And you’re not supposed to be.

Because it takes you beyond what you thought you were capable of,

and brings you to a better version of yourself.

Reach: you’ll find a depth of strength and love you didn’t know you had.

It’s a journey of discovery.

A piece, not the end or the beginning.

An important piece, that matters.

The experience becomes part of our story and our soul.

Because you can’t sacrifice without loving,

And that selfless love writes on our hearts.

It is the most powerful force in the universe.

Birth is raw. It is every human emotion.

It is powerful. It is life in it’s real, finest moment.

It’s messy. It isn’t always perfect.

The unexpected happens.

There are mountains, plateaus, ravines and summits,

You can do it together.

In this life we need each other.

Surround yourself with those who believe in you.

It takes a team, and for one to help, another must help the helper.

And yet it is intimately personal and sacred.

It was designed by the Almighty Creator,

Who wants us to learn and love deeply.

He knows us best, and is with us the most.

He is aware of the development of our soul

And knows the importance of hard things.

Birth is hard.

It requires belief, strength, and perseverance.

It takes all your physical, emotional and soul strength.

And makes us stronger. This world needs strong mothers.

The reward is worth it.

You can do it.

One at a time.

Trust your instincts. Communicate.

Don’t rush your body or your soul.

Birth works.

It binds you together.

Triumph comes from the challenges.

It is the beginning and continuation of your family.

It is beautiful


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